Thursday, January 13, 2011

Montana Large Animal Sanctuary llamas head east

Twenty-three llamas from the now closed Montana Large Animal Sanctuary will arrive here in a few days. (that's them in the trailer, ready to go)
The Sanctuary is officially closed, leaving over 1200 bison, donkeys, camels, goats and llamas with no place to go in the dead of winter.
Temperatures have been hovering in the ZERO degree range in Montana. The llamas have been without shelter, penned up in an attempt to decide who goes where -- who is too weak to travel -- and who might just lay down and die.
Southeast Llama Rescue (SELR), Northeast Llama Rescue (NELR) and Southwest Llama Rescue (SWLR) along with LANA Lifeline, have banded together to save llama lives.
On Saturday these llamas will arrive at our farm. They will be evaluated, fed, watered, and observed. In a week or so, a team from the University of IL Veterinary College will come down from Champaign to look over these llamas.
It is my understanding that most of them are females, some with crias at side. The others are likely pregnant.
Although the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries publish "rules" about being nonbreeding facilities, obviously something went awry at MLAS because nearly all of the female llamas are bred.
It is another example of how people can mess up the lives of thousands of animals.
These 23 are part of the "chosen ones" that will eventually go to new adoptive homes. They will become individual llamas once again -- not a random, faceless, nameless "herd" of llamas -- but treasured companions on life's journey.
It is my job to help them transition from the "wild" to their new homes. I am humbled to have this opportunity. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Thank you for what you are doing for these precious animals. My prayers are with you on this journey.

  2. Thank you for doing this. I'm booked this weekend but if you need help next weekend or in the evenings, let me know.

  3. This is Patty Finch, ED of Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. Montana Large Animal Sanctuary and Rescue was NOT GFAS accredited. Breeding does NOT occur at GFAS accredited facilities, unless an exception is made if the breeding is part of a valid and reliable re-introduction program for wildlife, such as re-introducing parrots bred in large aviaries on natural food with minimal contact, reintroduced into their native habitat and closely monitored for survival rates. But currently breeding does not occur at any GFAS accredited or verified sanctuary.

  4. Thanks for sharing your story and pics. I too am getting some of these critters here in CO., mine arrive today! I will be taking on boys though. How fun for you to have the crias, if only for a short time. Good luck and my thoughts are with you~Judy

  5. We received 14 in Nebraska and I adopted 2. Such sweet girls that will be safe now. Thanks to all that helped over 600 Llamas to find a new life.