Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 71 of the "hat a day" challenge

So after not blogging for ages -- here I am with two blogs in the same day!

This is about day 71 of the "hat a day" challenge. So far so good -- I'd like to report. I have managed to make a hat or headwarmer every day since Nov. 14, 2011. The variety of my hats amazes even me.

Some are ski style; some have flowers; some are two or three colors; some are made from alpaca; some are made from llama; some are acrylic or wool.

Sizes have included infant to children's to adult size hats. It's been an adventure so far. I've even added a couple of scarves to the mix -- with both crocheted scarves and tube-knitted scarves (on the loom).

My grandkids remain delighted to come over and pick out hats when they need something new. It's great.

My youngest grandson, Lincoln, is now wearing the hat I made for his older brother -- a soft, black and white alpaca cap. It is adorable on him. My granddaughter, Isabella, is wearing a blue hat -- that brings out the color of her eyes (if they were open).

So I'm excited, still, about this adventure into hat making. Let's see how I feel about it on Nov. 14, 2012!

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