Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Mad Hatter

Just call me The Mad Hatter.

I have crazily decided to challenge myself to make a "hat-a-day" for 365 days. I'm on Day 31 of the challenge.

I am addicted to knitting on the Knifty Knitter Hat Looms. I can whip out a hat in a short period of time -- and the feeling of having "gotten something DONE" is extremely rewarding.

So -- you ask -- what am I going to DO with all these hats?

1. I tend toward having a generous soul. I want to gift people with hats that have been lovingly made from my own animals.

2. I have 8 grandchildren -- ALL of whom have one of Grammy's hats. Several of my daughters and daughters-in-law also have my hats. Two of my sons have hats. I have a big family.

3. I will sell some of the hats to support my herd. Buying winter hay this year is no joke. Grain, dewormers, halters, leads, blankets for the old girls -- all of these things cost money. Selling some of the hats will support my wonderful herd of llamas and alpacas that gift me with their fleeces each May for the purpose of making my hats.

4. And then there's the other reason: 11 years ago our granddaughter, Ashley, was born -- and she was a twin. Her sister, Jessica, didn’t survive -- and actually stopped growing 2 months before birth. I will never forget the beautiful hat/sweater that Jessie was dressed in when we held her for the first -- and last time. It was the kindness of strangers to gift the hospital with those beautiful little hats and sweaters. Time to pass it on, "pay it forward" -- if you will.

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