Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On her due date?

Last year on July 5th it was 75 degrees. I must have thought it would always be so balmy in the Lou. So I bred my prize female alpaca, Lumina, to my prize male alpaca, Buddy.

And here we are 11 1/2 months later -- right on her due date -- and Lumina delivered a sparkling white female cria.

This little gal is gorgeous. Her fleece shimmers in the sunlight.

Luckily my granddaughters were here today to see the newborn out in the pasture. I couldn't resist taking photos of them with the new cria.

Congratulations to my Lumina -- my prize winning girl -- and to Buddy -- my prize winning boy.


  1. Congratulations on your new cria! A beautiful Buddy girl of your own to love. She is a doll-what have you named her? I will have to tell Faith, Hope and Trinket they have a new half sister!

  2. Lamby and Trinket had positive ultrasounds so Buddy will be a dad again if Lamby is able to hold on to this pregnancy. Crossing fingers! Their bellies were getting big so glad to know I am not just making them fat!