Sunday, May 15, 2011


I have been discouraged lately. I have had some "animal issues" here on the farm. Big time stuff. A young alpaca cria with a broken leg; some sick animals; dumping is rampant (on me -- animals being "gifted" to me); not to mention a couple of birthing issues.

Seems that I am spending a lot of time at the veterinarian recently. Good thing she's reasonably priced and very compassionate.

I've also been discouraged about the prices of alpacas and llamas.

I send out a monthly newsletter. I have a website. I am out in the community on a regular basis. I have school tours here at the farm.

And yet -- I have few new customers and not much "foot traffic" coming to the farm to purchase animals.

I have found myself discouraged by those in the industry that I consider friends -- people who undercut my prices; sell to my customers; even "steal" my customers.

It's been difficult to remain positive. There has been one "bright spot." My Goodness -- an 8-year-old female alpaca who has never had a baby -- she had a baby! Thanks to my friend, Tammy D., Goodness went over to her place a year ago for breeding. It happened!

Goodness doesn't look anything like her baby. She is light fawn. He is solid black with white "shoes." I named him Zapato.

A silver lining in the dark clouds of rain and storms? I sure hope so.


  1. Awww, he looks like he's wearing spats. :)

    I think it's been a long winter/spring season for a lot of people. Chin up, things always get better.

  2. That cria is beautiful. Oh how wonderful it would be to live close to your farm so that I could come help on the farm and learn all I need to know for my own 4 llamas. I feel discouraged at times that I dont know what I need to know to teach them what id like to teach them....