Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter's wonders

I'm personally wondering what the heck went crazy this winter? We normally (in the Lou) have around a dozen inches of snow. Hmmmmm? We're at around 30 inches -- and still piling on.
With the addition of the Montana llamas -- and extra mouths to feed -- it has been especially difficult to drag hay bales through the snow -- keep water from freezing in their tank -- and feed grain and supplements.
My own herd is tucked in snug in the big barn - with automatic waterers, hay next to the feeders and grain a step away. Alas, the quarantine necessary with the Montana rescue herd has established them in the far nether reaches of my shelters.
Yesterday I slipped and fell in the snow in front of the big barn. Instant, frozen-on-contact tears streamed down my face -- and gathered the small bits of hay dust that were attached there. Nothing broken but my pride.
I put coats on two in my own herd yesterday. Christie Black, a rather unpleasant girl with brilliant copper eyes, gave me quite a kick -- as she hated the coat. Big bruise, bit of swelling and a screech from me. Sheesh. You're welcome, Christie.
It is tough, tough. Llama and alpaca wrangling isn't for sissies at this time of the year.
Adding some photos -- one of my barn cat, Angel, and her cohorts, the three chickens, basking in the sunlight from the barn window. My son, Ben, hauling hay to the Montana herd. The gang lined up at the trough eating grain. And my truck. Wow. Winter of 2011 can end any time now.

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