Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Going to see Santa Claus

One of our favorite family traditions is Coreen's annual visit to see Santa Claus at St. Clair Square. Coreen is 31 years old, spending her days in a wheelchair.
Some years when we've gone to visit Santa, she has not said a single word the whole time. This year was different. She talked excitedly the whole day.
"I am going to see Santa. It is crowded here. I'm hungry. I've been GOOD." It was such fun to hear her have so much to say.
Three of her nieces and nephews joined in the fun. Bree, Bella and Drew all joined in -- first lunching at Olga's -- then heading to center court to visit Santa.
Drew and Brianna jumped and danced as they waited in line. Coreen had a nice conversation with Santa. Isabella, who just turned one, was not happy meeting Santa at all. She started crying almost immediately. It was pretty funny to watch -- but not to poor Bella.
It was fun to spend time with some of the grandkids, and three of my grown kids. But the day belonged to Coreen. And it was a good day.

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