Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Punxsutawney llama

What a surprise. No one breeds a female llama in February on purpose.
I acquired three females last year from MO and much to my surprise, our Autumn delivered a lovely little female cria on Monday. We've named her Punxsutawney and she promises to be a real beauty. She's already a proud-standing girl with a gentle personality.

She's strong and healthy and such a wonderful addition to our herd. I don't have very many llama babies. Some years there have been none. This year we have Night Owl, Clementine and now Punxsutawney. Ironically -- none of the mamas were bred on my farm.
Little Punxsutawney will grow up in our herd and maybe even showcase her talents at this year's IL State Fair.
Welcome, little Punxsutawney, welcome.

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