Tuesday, December 15, 2009

St. Nicholas parade

One of my favorite parades for walking llamas

and alpacas is the annual St. Nicholas Parade in Millstadt. It is about 6 blocks long -- the weather is cold and crisp -- it's nearly perfect.

This year I was ambitious and loaded up 9 animals to walk in the parade. After all -- I had lined up plenty of help. Yeah, right.

Due to circumstances, most of the folks who said they would lend a hand, were unable to be there.

So here we are at the parade -- Amanda, Rebecca, Ben and I -- with NINE llamas and alpacas to walk. Yikes! What to do? No worries. There was a lovely Girl Scout Troop (Millstadt Troop 299) standing ready to lend a hand.

I asked for their assistance and they jumped right in. So all was well.

I'm including some more pix of the scouts w/critters. Thank you to the Girl Scouts.

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