Sunday, August 23, 2009

IL State Fair

"Our State Fair is the BEST State Fair. Don't miss it. Don't even be late." from musical State Fair w/Pat Boone.

How's that for a blast from the past?

Went to the IL State Fair yesterday. Took Amanda, Becca, Bree, Ben and myself.

President Lincoln was there -- all done up in his coat-tails and beard. He looked great and was very accommodating for a photo with Becca.

We saw Amanda'a prize winning parsley. 4th in the STATE isn't too shabby, is it?

We went to the llama show. The kids outdid themselves in the costume contest.

Llamas and their people:

Cindy Loo and the Cat in the Hat
Lance and her/his date: the llama in a prom gown
Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion
A little cowboy and his llama Indian in full headdress.
Alice and the White Rabbit (complete with glasses)

What fun.
It was all downhill from there. While the stands were packed for the kids' portion -- NO ONE wants to see a bunch of adults standing there in a row with llamas -- all groomed to perfection -- one not much different than the other.

Sorry folks, the "show stuff" has got to change if we want to engage new people in this business.

The fair's lemonade was the best ever. The food fantabulous.
Bree got very overtired so perhaps "we stayed too long at the fair." But I'd do it again!

Don't miss it next year!

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  1. Patty & I were there too. To bad we did not spot each other.

    We must confess we left after the costumes & obsticle course stuff as well. It was just to nice a day to not be outside.